Aug 08

Cherry Valley Youth Football

Posted on August 8, 2018 at 2:52 PM by Darren Musselwhite


Please sign your child up today to enjoy one of Southaven’s best traditions.
  CHERRY VALLEY PARK has been the home of youth football in our city since 1969.  We have excellent facilities, referees, cheerleading instructors, and experienced football coaches that have prepared countless players for high school football and other sports opportunities.  Although all players with any level of skills are welcomed and developed, this league has always been the home of a competitive brand of football.  You can visit any high school in Desoto County on a Friday night this fall and find players that learned the game at Cherry Valley.

Football is one of the greatest team sports ever created.  It teaches kids the value of working together as a team towards a common goal as well as work ethic, mental toughness, and physical toughness that prepares them for whatever they may venture or encounter in life.  Personally, I can testify that I still use lessons daily that I learned on a football field and some of my best friends still today are former teammates.

Now, I understand that our youth today have more other opportunities than I did as a kid, but I hope you don’t mind my challenging you to consider some facts.

Some friendly Q & A from your Mayor…


Specialization has become popular in our youth sports world today, but I challenge you to consider the following facts.  Multiple sports complement each other by developing skills that make better athletes.  Football not only improves physical and mental toughness, but it also makes stronger, quicker, faster, and more agile athletes.  There’s certainly nothing wrong with wanting to be a great baseball player and some do not possess the ability to be a multi-sport athlete, but let me share one thing that I know…playing baseball at a higher level (namely moving from youth to high school to college to pro) not only requires better baseball skills, but more so, more athletic ability.  If you are the best player on your team right now, trust me, you will not always be and your “ticket is not written”.  It is time to work!  You must continue to get better.  You can count on players being faster, stronger, having quicker hands, throwing harder, and having sharper breaking pitches at the next level.  Skill sets are enhanced by better athleticism.  Countless hours in the cage and spending a fortune on pitching lessons is not all that is needed.  Football makes better baseball players (along with the weight room and a good diet.)

Also, listen to current college and pro baseball coaches as well as former baseball players that have become vocal recently.  Many baseball coaches are attracted to multi-sport athletes and prefer them.   Look at the enormously-high percentages of current MLB and NFL draft picks that played multiple sports as a kid and in high school.   You never know what the future brings, so leave your options open.  Facts are that about 93% of high school baseball players never play college ball.  Then, of this 7% that play in college, less than 1 out of 10 get drafted professionally (*  Recently, John Smoltz and even Tommy John himself expressed outrage about the number of “Tommy John” elbow surgeries performed on teenage baseball players and cautioned about the dangers of year-round baseball.  Personally, I can testify after experiencing a severe elbow injury and rotator-cuff shoulder surgery, you better rest that “wing”!


There has never been a safer time to play football than now.  The rules have been amended and the equipment made safer to protect our players.  Tackling techniques are much different and minimize the risk of injury.  Kids 12 and under very rarely generate enough force to cause significant injury.  All sports have a degree of risk.


As I mentioned earlier, this league welcomes players with all skill levels, but offers a competitive brand of football.  We have experienced coaches that have prepared countless players for high school football and other sports opportunities.  High school fields are full of former Cherry Valley players.

Sold yet?  See you at the park!

Jun 21

Mayor's Community Pride Team

Posted on June 21, 2018 at 4:54 PM by Melitta Duncan

Will you be on my team?

Two of my biggest priorities in leading the City of Southaven have been to make our city more economically attractive and aesthetically attractive.  Most of the time, these two go together as one.  Having pride in anything you do will improve your organization and person.  Specifically, beautification and pride of ownership have a direct economic impact on the general health of our city by improving property values, deterring crime, and improving the economic demand for our city.  Little things truly make a big difference and there is always a fine line between mediocrity and excellence.

We are fortunate in Southaven that we have many people and organizations that understand the importance of these priorities.  I want to acknowledge and show appreciation for these people and organizations by a new program of giving “Community Pride Awards”.  Everyone that receives this award will be a member of my “Mayor’s Community Pride Team”.  This is not a competition and there is not a limit to the amount of team members.  The more that we have working together in this effort, the better our city will be.  The award will come in the form of a certificate followed by a public announcement from me after obtaining the property owner’s permission.  I love seeing progress in our city and am excited about seeing this effort grow in both residential neighborhoods and commercial zones.

Who’s going to be my first team member?

Stay tuned!
Community Pride Award

May 03

Serve Southaven "Serve Day"

Posted on May 3, 2018 at 9:38 AM by Darren Musselwhite

This Saturday, May 5, will be the first ever “Serve Day” for our “Serve Southaven” community outreach program.  We’ve been waiting on this day for a long time. 

In 2013, I knew that our city had many people that needed help, but what I didn’t know was how many people in our city sincerely wanted to give and help others.  Usually, I can “connect the dots” and know quickly why people want to speak to me.  Most of the time, they are asking for my help and are seeking what I can do for them and that is certainly OK.  However, it was so stunning and refreshing when I kept wondering when “the ask” was coming from some people, but it never did.  They truly just wanted to give.  This is what led to the formation of our “Serve Southaven” programI want to acknowledge and thank Andrew Perry for sharing the vision of this program, naming it, and helping start it before he underestimated the demands of new babies and parenthood!   In 2014, a committee was formed that developed the original branches of service that this program would provide.  A special thank you and acknowledgement to:

     -Pastor Patrick Conrad with Life Fellowship Church

     -Pastor Bartholomew Orr with Brown Missionary Baptist Church

     -Pastor James Lewis with Desoto Hills Baptist Church

     -Pastor Bill Beavers with Getwell Road Church

 We hope to expand services as needed, but the current branches of service are:

     -Beautification (Adopt-a-Neighborhood, Street, Intersection, or Subdivision    


     -Emergency Aid

     -Food Distribution

     -Youth Interaction

-     Elderly and Special Needs

Since 2014, our program was functional, but it became apparent we needed a director to help our program reach its full potential.   We needed someone that not only possessed a servant’s heart, but someone with extreme organizational and people skills, and an incredible work ethic.  We not only found a director, but the perfect director in Tracy Gallagher!  Thank you Tracy for your incredible efforts leading Serve Southaven!

Thanks in advance to all of our volunteers who will give their time this Saturday and further into the future to beautify our city and serve those in need!

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