Recent Accomplishments

We are proud to continue the enhancements to our facilities and services available to the City of Southaven residents.

Facility Improvements

Recent improvements to our facilities include:

  • Interior renovations with new finishes and furnishings
  • Renovated kennel areas with floor finishes that help safety and disease control
  • Improved ventilation that offers more comfortable kennel areas for our dogs
  • Extended access to our exterior kennels for both staff and customers
  • New controls that allow for optimized separation between animals under evaluation and those deemed healthy and ready for adoption (disease control)

Service Improvements

Recent improvements to our services include better relationships with veterinarians in our area to help with health screenings, tests, and vaccinations. These offer our animals in process for adoption an optimal condition of health. This allows us to offer newly adopting owners the best animals we can. These relationships also help us set immediate appointments for spay and neuter (per standard policy).

We have a partnership with Mississippi State School of Veterinary Medicine and they make trips annually to the shelter to spay and neuter shelter animals. Spaying and neutering animals through this service streamlines the adoption process and cuts down on pet overpopulation.

shelter6 ms state mobile vet clinic van

Officer Training

We have also been able to offer training to our animal control officers for certification in field techniques that allow for safer and more efficient captures. The certification also allows them to perform in-house euthanizations (when necessary). 

This has helped us operate even more effectively within our budget due to less monies being spent on professional services related to euthanizations.

Contact Us

For more information, contact Perry Mason, Animal Control Supervisor, at (662) 796-2491.