Improving Water Quality

Helping to Protect Our Way of Life

Here are a few things everybody can do right now to start improving water quality in Mississippi: 
  • Attend stakeholders meetings 
  • Choose non-toxic products 
  • Conserve water 
  • Consider greener practices such as establishing rain gardens and using rain barrels 
  • Dispose of household hazardous wastes properly 
  • Do not illegally dump car oil, antifreeze, transmission, or brake fluids 
  • Do not sweep with the spray of your garden hose 
  • Join your local basin team 
  • Keep leaves, debris, trash, sediment, and other litter out of storm drains 
  • Make sure septic systems are operating properly 
  • Practice clean and responsible boating 
  • Put litter in its place 
  • Recycle used motor oil 
  • Recycle when possible 
  • Use minimal fertilizers and pesticides 
  • Participate in volunteer programs 

Contact Us

For more information regarding Southaven’s Stormwater Program, please call the Planning and Engineering Department at (662) 393-0111.