Investing for the Future

The City of Southaven Department of Finance and Administration serves both the citizens and employees of Southaven with professionalism and dedication.

As the City has grown, the workforce has grown to meet the ever-changing demands, and the Department has experienced a growth in its duties. Yet, the Department has maintained a departmental staff size of only four employees.

The Department is under the direct supervision of the City Administrator / CAO who oversees the day-to-day operations of the Finance Department as well as other City departments.


The City Administrator / CAO is responsible for advising the Mayor and Board of Aldermen on matters of personnel, budget, and implementing the policies and directives as established by the Mayor and Board.

The City Administrator / CAO is also responsible for keeping the Mayor and Board informed of any and all changes and emerging trends in municipal governance and the policy objectives available to the City to address such changes and trends.

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