*****Effective January 1, 2017***** 
We will no longer offer same day inspections. All inspection requests will be scheduled for the next business day.

Wind and seismic design plans will be required with all residential single family home plans. They must be stamped by a designer or have a letter authorizing multi-use of the plans. A lot number or address must be on every set of plans to verify that the plans have been designed or approved for that particular project. 

Our Mission

The primary mission of the Southaven Department of Building is to provide quality service during development and construction phases. The services provided include permit issuance, plans examination for code compliance, and inspections for new construction and various repairs and additions.


The mission of the Southaven Department of Building is accomplished through response to ongoing evaluations of the needs of the community and internationally recognized codes and standards as adopted by City leaders.

 The original intent of codes was to provide a reasonable level of fire safety. There are many aspects of concern included in modern day codes. Health and sanitation provisions followed fire safety in the progression of code development. Structural performance during natural disasters has become a very important focus in recent years.

The City of Southaven currently has the 2012 edition of the International Code Council family of codes adopted. They encompass many various components that make up our modern built environment. A list of codes is provided in the Frequently Asked Questions

 The vision of the Southaven Building Department is to interpret and enforce currently adopted ordinances and codes while applying prudent judgement and responsible accountability to the community. We strive to provide a high quality of customer service and good stewardship of our resources, while promoting a superior level of life safety and health standards.

Residential Permits and Inspection Guide

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