Digital Evidence Unit

About Us

The Digital Evidence Unit (DEU) is a support unit that comprises two full-time digital evidence technicians. They assist with maintaining the body-worn cameras and fleet cameras for the department. They also oversee all of the media produced by these cameras. The Digital Evidence Unit is responsible for properly digitizing, categorizing, and retaining over 250,000 pieces of digitized evidence.

Unit Duties

  • Maintaining body-worn and fleet cameras
  • Oversight of all of the media produced by the department’s body-worn and fleet cameras
  • Fulfilling all Public Record Requests for digitized evidence
  • Fulfilling all Court entity’s requests/subpoenas for digitized evidence
  • Fulfilling other agency requests for digitized evidence

Contact Us

For public records requests, follow this link 

For more information, contact ISU Supervisor Captain Bryan Rosenberg at (662)253-9250 or