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The Southaven Police Department, with its stated mission of a ‘proactive approach to crime prevention and the protection of its citizens,’ has professionally provided fair and impartial police services to the Citizens of Southaven for many years.  As a result, the SPD has earned the respect and trust from the Citizens of Southaven and the expectation of a continuation of the department’s high standards and services.  

Today, Southaven’s population growth and diversity, alongside the department’s growth and diversity, and in keeping with the ‘proactive approach’ of crime prevention; has made the creation of Internal Affairs a natural step in maintaining this earned respect from the public.  With Internal Affairs, the public has available a place and a process in which can be utilized to address any misconduct by members of the police department they feel may have occurred during their interaction with officers.   

Citizens complaint information will be accepted from all sources, including, but not limited to, telephone, fax, mail, email, third party, in person, anonymously, or any combination thereof.  Contact information is posted on this page.  Contact information will also be prominently displayed at all Police Precincts.

The Confidential Line will be checked on a daily basis.  Although information is accepted via this source, contact with principal complainant and all witnesses may become a necessity to adequately investigate the complaint.  Also available to relay information is the following email address:  Communications to this email address are also confidential.

Also linked to this page are two other methods to file a complaint.  The PDF form may be printed, filled out, and brought or mailed to the Internal Affairs Office.  Upon receipt, Internal Affairs will contact the complainant.  The second method is the form that asks basic information and a contact number.  This form, completed online, is sent directly to Internal Affairs upon completion.  Internal Affairs will contact you within one business day upon receipt. 

Please see our FAQs section for more details on filing a complaint.

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