Letter from the Chief

Protecting & Serving Our Community
On behalf of the Southaven Police Department and all of our employees, we wish to thank you for interest in our organization and welcome you to our site. We hope you will find the information you need here and encourage you to please contact us if you need anything additional.

The Southaven Police Department was formed in 1980 during the City of Southaven’s inception. The new Department started with a Police Chief and three patrolmen. During the past three decades the Department has grown to more than 120 employees.

The Southaven Police Department employees take great pride in the professional standards that we adhere to. Our employees are equipped with the latest technological equipment and receive constant training to enhance our performance in accomplishing our assigned duties.

Our Department realizes that our sole purpose is to provide a safe community environment for the people who not only call Southaven home, but also those who shop, work, study, worship, visit, or travel through our City. The Southaven Police Department prides itself on our ability to be pro-active in our service along with our reactive capabilities.

As Chief of Police, it is with honor and great pride that I serve the City of Southaven, the citizens and our visitors. I invite you to view our Southaven Police Department and all of the contributions our different divisions and all of our wonderful employees make - they are truly second to none.

Steven E. Pirtle