Public Works 

Public Works
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Cleaning Up the Neighborhood

The Public Works Department is under the direction of Robert Booth. This office provides a quality environment for the City of Southaven and ensures that the City's buildings, roadways, streets, and neighborhoods are functional, clean, and attractive.

Mission Statement

Southaven's Public Works Office prides itself on meeting the infrastructure and sanitation needs of our City on a daily basis. We strive to be: 1) efficient and effective in offering timely responses to both expected projects and unforeseen contingencies in our streets and right-of-ways; as well as to be: 2) found offering excellent customer service and contract management for all third party Sanitation Services on a consistent basis. We feel that it is very important to let all concerned parties know what they need to know and not just offer hollow responses of what they want to hear. We also seek to solve problems and not contribute to them. 

Reporting Issues

We encourage citizen's to forward these issues as well as FAQs through Citizen's Request Tracker or you may call the Public Works Department at (662) 796-2489.

  • Traffic Signals
  • Street or traffic sign
  • Pothole 
  • Storm sewer issue

Recycling Center

There is a single stream recycling center for plastic, metal and paper at the rear of the Southaven Arena, 7360 Hwy 51 North. 

Be aware that due to recent changes in recycling industry practices that affect our local processing facility – we are required to request the following of our recycling customers:

  • Please place only Type 1 & 2 plastics in a curbside recycling cart.
  • Please place only Type 1 & 2 plastics in the recycle container at the Southaven Arena
  • Placing other plastics besides Type 1 & 2 will result in the loads being considered contaminated, will result in higher costs as penalties and will ultimately be rejected for recycling processing; the type of plastic can be seen on the bottom of most plastic containers