Duties & Functions

Department Responsibilities
Related to Human Resources
The City of Southaven's Finance Department administers a comprehensive personnel program incorporating all aspects of equal opportunity employment. The primary functions and duties of the Department as related to human resources are:
  • Recruitment
  • Selection
  • Pre-employment testing
  • Retention of qualified employees
The Department of Finance and Administration also is charged with the maintenance and keeping of all employee records and personnel files. Also, the Department is charged with staying abreast of all trends in human resource management and any and all federal guidelines / regulations that pertain to labor laws and labor practices.

The Department oversees all employee benefits, new employee orientation, employee grievance procedures, unemployment and workers compensation claims, and payroll.

Related to Budget & Investments
The Department oversees all financial aspects of the City through the budget process and the day-to-day monitoring of funds in cooperation with the accounts payable and receivable departments of the Office of the City Clerk. The Department is also charged with the preparation and administration of the City’s annual operating budget.

The Department manages all investments of the City, handles capital improvement financing, and other financial matters before the City.

Contact Us
For more information, contact City Administrator / CAO Chris Wilson at (662) 280-2489.